AVCI+ is a division of AVCIARCHITECTS devoted to projects where the narrative takes the lead: museum exhibitions and theatre productions. With clients ranging from National Museums to a small local factory, from Royal Shakespeare Company to jazz concerts, AVCI+, led by Sanja Jurca Avci, takes pleasure in discovering the best spatial solution for every content.

Exhibition Design
At AVCI+ we strongly believe that only an exhibition with a clear message is a successful exhibition.

This is why, before beginning the design process, we engage with curators in an intense “content interpretation” process, through which the exhibition storyline emerges and a clear message is established. Only then the design process can begin.

We feel that the design should not overpower the exhibition content but rather reinforce it and serve it. Every design element can tell a part of the storyline in its own way, be it with its shape, material, colour, light or size. Once this is done, the totality can be balanced and rebalanced until it works as a perfect whole and conveys the desired message.

Theatre Design
At AVCI+ we think that a successful theatre design is in harmony with the rest of the elements of a theatre production.

In theatre our aim is to establish the right place for the design in a theatre production by working closely with the director and the other members of the creative team. The reason for this being that a theatre production works a whole, it is the entire package, with acting, music and lighting that the audience perceives in the end.

We always work towards a design that besides providing for the practical needs of the play, achieves much more: it blends in with the atmosphere of the play, supports it, extends it and refines it.


As both a developer and development consultant, Urbanista brings a unique approach to property. Its focus is on creating sustainable projects that do more than simply make money – they improve the quality of the relationship we have between us, the city, nature, and others around us.

Urbanista was founded in 2007 by Markus Lehto and Selcuk Avci, with a development focus on London and Istanbul. The company currently has development projects in both cities, and has a consulting portfolio comprised of many of the leading projects and Clients throughout Europe and the MENA region.

AVCIARCHITECTS regularly collaborates with Urbanista on both its development pipeline and consulting projects. The companies are united in their approach to the advocacy of multidisciplinary and sustainable design and development in each of their efforts.


These two studios have combined forces, bringing together over 20 years of experience pioneering and applying eco design principles to cultural and educational buildings through Turkey and the near diaspora.

The firms have been awarded the prestigious RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) award 12 times for their successes in this field.

As Turkey continues to evolve, our expertise can help catalyze positive change around the country’s growth challenges and opportunities.


Bringing together over 20 years of experience pioneering and applying eco design principles to cultural and educational buildings throughout Europe. The firms have been awarded the prestigious RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) award several times for their successes in this field.

Our main goals are to inject practical sustainable solutions into cultural and educational projects in Turkey at the time they are most needed. Acting together with clients that understand our collective ecological and economic responsibility to the future, we will apply our expertise to ensure that our projects stand as proud examples of forward thinking and excellence in design for generations to come.


Werner Sobek stands throughout the world for engineering, design, and sustainability. The firm has offices in Stuttgart, Dubai, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Moscow and New York. The work of Werner Sobek is defined by premium design on the basis of high-class engineering combined with sophisticated green technologies.

Founded in 1992, the studio has now more than 250 employees. They work on all types of buildings and materials. Special emphasis lies on lightweight structural design, transparent facade systems, and sustainable building concepts.