Selçuk Avcı attended the “Design Bilkent” architecture event organized as a speaker

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Architect Selçuk Avcı, the co-founder of Avcı Architects, has attended the “Design Bilkent” architecture event organized by Bilkent University April 9 as a speaker. Architect Selçuk Avcı, being present at the same session with Paul Frederickson, co-partner of ShoP Architects, spoke in the “Sustainability and Mega Projects” session.

Selçuk Avcı, talking via about “sustainability”, started his speech by indicating that the world is faced with a big climate change and mentioned how human lives and human grown products may be affected as a result of these changes. He stated that various migrations might occur and how our life styles we are used to may change. He shared with us that the sustainability principle adopted in order to slow down or be less affected by these changes originates from ethics, economy and ecology concepts, and it can be realized only when these concepts are evaluated together. Besides, talking about shallow and deep ecology subjects, he emphasized the changing position of humans among the ecological classification of living things. He explained the duty of the architect in sustainability with examples from his own works. He concluded his speech with a detailed explanation of how the climatic and geographical conditions of the work region can be used for producing environment friendly architectural solutions.

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