Kuehne+Nagel İstanbul Head Office

Kuehne+Nagel İstanbul Head Office

Kuehne Nagel is an German logistics company operating across the World. Early in 2015 Kuehne Nagel decided to move its regional HQ to the office tower in the Mall of Istanbul development from its offices in Ikitelli. The total space is 2500sqm set on floors 6 and 7, with a central core of lifts and services. The building has an ellipsoidal plan form, with curved facades, and on each floor is a garden terrace which is designed to allow offices to have their own external breathing spaces which provides contact with the outside at each level.

The plan organisation of the Kuehne Nagel’s office space is ordered around a racetrack plan, which provides circulation continuously around the floor space. This track is delineated by a ceiling lighting system, which takes on the pattern of road markings. The road tracks all begin symbolically from the reception area and flow out towards the office space, leading you to various departments. The inner colour of the tracks in the ceiling are ‘road marking’ yellow, and this theme is recalled in the selection of colours through out the project and combined with the blues of the corporate colours of Kuehne Nagel.

The back ground colour scheme of dark anthracites and lighter greys are highlighted with strips of this signal yellow and blues, which thematically links the spaces. This colour scheme is also used in the desk separators to delineate different departments.

Vendo supplied workstation furniture. Specially designed bespoke furniture in outside terraces and the reception desk is constructed using black steel and white Carrera marble. Trimline supplied office partitions.




Office Fit-Out