AVCIARCHITECTS began its life with the 1st Prize-winning ‘Working in the City’ competition in 1989. It was the first competition that the practice entered and clearly winning first prize made us think we were doing something right. Since then the practice has made an effort to enter competitions, and has been awarded a number of prizes. The most recent competition was the 1st Prize in a limited competition to design the headquarters of the Turkish Contractors Association.

Selcuk Avci and Sanja Jurca Avci have been awarded for their works individually through out their careers, and these are also listed here. Although some were carried out as part of other practices, in all cases they were each individually responsible for the successful outcome of these competitions or awards. The practice continues to put a great emphasis on design competitions as a way of continuing to develop its thinking while improving its repertoire of types, which is often not possible outside of the competition environment.