Ahmet Ergenç, The Circle’s Coordinator of Art and Cultural Activities, is now a member of AICA, Paris based International Association of Art Critics. AICA, which has an important position in the art world thanks to its representation power, attaches importance to intercultural communication and aims to serve contemporary creativity. AICA defines its main objectives, cultural goals, multidisciplinary approach and mission as below:

– to promote art criticism as a discipline and contribute to its methodology

– to protect the ethical and professional interests of its members and co-operate in defending their rights

– to maintain an active international network for its members, with the aid of available technologies and encouragement of face-to-face encounters

– to contribute to mutual understanding of visual arts and aesthetics in all cultures

– to stimulate professional relationship across political, geographical, ethnic, economic and religious boundaries

– to defend impartially freedom of expression and thought and oppose arbitrary censorship.

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