Strip Mall Project in Niger

The new strip mall in Niamey city centre is located on the Boulevard de la Republique north of the Palais des Congres. The Tunisian National University, the Federal Government Offices of Niger, the old Presidential Palace, the National Hospital of Niger and many other important institutional buildings are also in the same area. The strip mall will be located adjacent to the new Niamey Hotel. The most important factor in the design of the strip mall is the pedestrian circulation at the axis that combines two of the most important roundabouts in the city. The strip is adjacent to the new hotel.

The strip mall will consist of approximately 2300 sqm of retail area. The project is made up of shopping units and a canopy that connects shops and public areas. The design maximizes public usage by creating a pedestrian axis between two main roads and the mall fronts a main roundabout making it a notable and visible landmark for the city.

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