Sanja Jurca Avci is exhibiting at the Arhitektura Inventura 2019, the ninth bi-annual exhibition held regularly by the Ljubljana Architects’ Association. The exhibition is opened between 20th February and 25th March and is intended as an overview of the architectural production in Slovenia. Sanja Jurca Avcı’s poster presented a theatre scenography for Mercadet and Dragon of All Dragons exhibition design.

The exhibition includes works on architecture, urbanism, interior architecture, graphic and industrial design, as well as theory and publishing.

Sanja Jurca Avci designed the scenography for Honore Balzac’s Mercadet that opened on 29th of September at Ljubljana City Theatre. The play that is originally set in mid 19th century was adapted to the contemporary world in this production directed by Janez Pipan. The entire set is framed by a set of portals with inset lights that are twisting and “falling” with into depth of the stage.

“The Dragon of All Dragons” exhibition designed by Sanja Jurca Avcı and held in the Kazemate, Ljubljana Castle, Ljubljana, Slovenia. The centrepiece of the exhibition, prompted by the symbol of the dragon in the heart of the Ljubljana’s cote of arms, was a wire dragon statue, a reinterpretation of the Ljubljana’s most known dragon statue from the Dragon Bridge. It is intended as a light, transparent and airy echo of the heavy and massive original. Around this wire statue, dragons of the world and respective cultures are presented alongside Slovene dragon legends and the symbolism of the dragons as such.

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