AVCI+ is working on a concept project for the Culture of Water Museum

Water Culture-Hamam

AVCI+ has recently started working on an exciting museum project that will host the impressive water culture collection of Dr. Ercan Topcu of Adell Armatür.

The project that is at the moment in the concept phase encompasses objects that represent the relationship between civilization and water and tells the story of respect for water in Istanbul in the Ottoman era.

Throughout the history, Istanbul has been an example of water related civilizations. Artists and artisans have created some of the most sophisticated works related to water. The Adell Collection is a reflection of the relation of the human kind with water through objects that are used to manage it.

These objects vary from high engineering work to simple household objects with often spiritual, symbolic or religious meaning.

 Here at AVCI+ we are working together with Adell to come up with a museum concept that will fulfill the Adell Collection’s purpose to create a greater understanding and awareness around the subject of water and to preserve these exclusive examples of objects related to the Ottoman water culture while putting them in reach of the public, for the future generations to benefit from.
Water Culture - Augmented Reality

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