The façades of Balance Güneşli has been nearly completed…

90% of our Balance Güneşli project’s façade works were completed.

Upon the completion of shading elements, passages and overhangs, the environment’s architectural perception of the building was reinforced. On the other hand, mesh material finishing is an ongoing process.

While hardscape finishing process of the landscape is ongoing, trees have also started to appear in the project / ground level. Landscaping efforts of the sky gardens continue at the same pace. We also started to place the façade lighting fixtures. The building started to become distinguishable by courtesy of night-time lighting.

Cleaning and finishing processes of the interiors between the 14th and 20th floors were also carried out and made ready for turnkey delivery.

Efforts at the lofts are ongoing. Interior architecture project design and construction works for the independent sections below the 13th floor of our Balance Güneşli project’s tower are also ongoing, as performed by different firms.

Efforts towards the planned 2017 opening of Balance Güneşli go on at full speed.
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