The Congo Kintele Congress Centre is located adjacent to the new Olympic Centre, on the riverbanks of Congo River to the north of Brazzaville. This new centre is designed as a Congress Centre and Hotel complex with complementary functions.

Now we are approaching the completion of the project the construction of which started in July 2015:

Congress Hotel

Production of woodworks and window guards on the hotel’s northern facade are completed to a large extent. Floor cornice aluminium coating works are still in progress.


Woodworks and window guards on the hotel’s southern facade are completed, while the panoramic elevator installation works are still in progress. Installation of vertical sunshades on the top floor has been completed.

Siding of the low-rise hotel restaurant and spa adjacent to the hotel are still in progress. The first vertical sunshades have been mounted to the hotel’s western facade.


Interior productions of the hotel continue at full pace. While steel column fireproof plasterboard productions continue on one hand, mechanical devices are put in place simultaneously. Mechanical electricity productions at corridors have been completed, with the ceilings closed subsequently. Mechanical-electrical productions have been completed in a large majority of hotel rooms, with the walls made ready for wallpaper application. Ceramic productions at room bathrooms have been completed, while installation of sanitary ware is still in progress.

Congress Hall

Assembly of perforated screens at the Congress Hall are about to be completed. The vertical joint gaps between the screens have started to become eye-catching. Interior ceiling and tribune carcass works at the Congress Hall are still in progress.

Avciarhitects_Congo_Congress_Progress_Photos (1)

The first stones have been put in place at the congress foyer. Ceiling covering works at the foyer are still in progress.

Presidential Hall

Assembly of vertical sunshades at the courtyard facade of the Presidential Hall have been completed. The open corridor facade productions, which are also referred to as arcade establishing a connection between all functions, are still in progress. Mezzanine carcasses of the Presidential Meeting Hall have been installed. It is not hard anymore to guess the final shape of ceiling. Mechanical-electrical works at the foyer are still in progress.

Avciarhitects_Congo_Congress_Progress_Photos (4)

Banquet Hall

Mezzanine carcasses of the Banquet Hall have been installed. All electrical and mechanical installations have been completed. Installation of timber cover is awaited.

Avciarhitects_Congo_Congress_Progress_Photos (7)


The common restaurant mass with its facade almost completed does shine out in the entire worksite. All rough productions including screed have been completed, while the installation of coverings are awaited.


Exhibition Space and Piazza

The exhibition mass that will be used as space for art activities, exhibitions, installation art, and artistic performance inside the entire congress centre is ready to host its first exhibition once the interior floor coverings and lighting fixtures are complete.

Avciarhitects_Congo_Congress_Progress_Photos (11)

The Piazza canopy designed to host public events while enjoying the outdoors even on rainy days has gained an even more magnificent appearance once the coverings have been put in place.

Avciarhitects_Congo_Congress_Progress_Photos (12)

Works in all buildings continue at full pace, while the construction is expected to be completed by August.

Besides, please click the below link for access to more detailed information about the entire project.

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