Congo Kintele Congress Center Project Nears the End…

The Congo Kintele Congress Centre project, which is located in the Kintele Region of Congo’s capital city Brazzaville and the design of which has been undertaken by Avci Architects, comprises a Congress Hall, Presidential Hall, Banquet, Museum, Press Hall, and Congress Hotel…


Façade works at the Congress Hotel continue at full pace. The outer walls of the Congress Hotel block have been completed to a large extent.


Finish works at hotel corridors and rooms are in progress, whereas most of the standard rooms are finished including their furniture. Façade works at the hotel restaurant are in progress.


Production of perforated facing panels for the Congress Hall has been completed. Interior trim works are still in progress. At the Congress Hall’s Foyer, suspended ceiling as well as wall and floor covering productions have been completed.


Ceiling, wall and floor covering production of the Presidential Hall have been completed. Likewise, finish works at the foyer are also about to be completed.


Suspended ceiling covering productions at the Banquet hall have been completed and the hall has started to make its presence felt. Interior wall covering works continue at full pace.


Aluminum covering works at the 350 meters long Arcade, which interconnects all functions and provides open air access between these spaces, have been completed to a large extent.


Landscaping works that will serve the entire outer space of the congress hall continue at full pace.




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