Emona at the Slovene National Museum

The Slovene National Museum commissioned Sanja Jurca Avci of AVCI+ to design the exhibition celebrating the 2000th anniversary of the Roman city Emona, now Ljubljana. The exhibition will show rich archeological collections of the National Museum, testimonies of Ljubljana’s position at the crossroad of civilisations.



The exhibition design is intentionally restrained, showing the majority of objects within showcases that are embedded in a “wall” that runs throughout the exhibition layout. This wall is a symbolic element (denoting the existence, and sometimes, the lack of protection, depending on the circumstances) that serves both directional (visitors’ flow) and practical purposes (cabling). Each environment created by the exhibition storyline is organized around a central piece that establishes its story.

The colour scheme is neutral with emphasis in strong colours, strategically positioned within showcases, to accentuate the exhibits.


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