Excavation Has Started In Netherhall

The existing building on the site is almost demolished. Possibly it cannot be fully understood through images, but the demolition work is so delicate, almost like a dentist’s work, in this very central site of a very posh neighborhood of London.

It’s crucial to be very cautious in order not to harm or disturb any of the surrounding residential buildings.

The riskiest part is to build up the 4-5 meter height wall that will stand without any other support at number 13.  At the end of the work, the building that is going to be built just behind that wall will support it, however we will have to make it stand until that day.

The concrete will be poured/cast in the foundations in less than one month.

While all this construction work goes on, we concentrate on how to make the brick wall work. Sample wall studies have been done around the site and we try to make a decision about the color, texture and craft that should be chosen for the wall.

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