Exhibition Long Live Evolution!, designed by Sanja Jurca Avci of AVCI+, recently opened in the Natural History Museum in Ljubljana, Slovenia


The exhibition is aimed mainly towards school-children and is designed as a tool of discovery of this universal natural principle.

Exhibition space is dominated by three exhibits that summarize the exhibition storyline on evolution: a skeleton of a blue whale, hung below the ceiling, a sculpture of Ankylosaur and an animated projection of the evolution of man. The perimeter is surrounded by graphic panels on which the storyline unravels in respective chapters. Graphics and texts are complemented by showcases and various interactives.



The middle of the space is devoted to the essence of the exhibition – a biology laboratory where the visitors can experience and discover the principles of evolution around  laboratory work-stations. Laboratory aesthetics was the inspiration behind the rational design of the exhibition elements and their arrangement in space.

The colours that were used evoke the phenomenon of the evolution as out of non-descript nothing – the gray – life with all its richness appears – wasabi green with vivid colour details. A special treat awaits the youngest visitors: they can board HMS Beagle that takes them on the journey of discovery following Darwin’s footsteps.

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