Mane Turkey Headquarters Office and Production Facilities


The French originated international aroma and essence producer MANE is one of the world’s leading companies serving with its 3000 personnel in 30 countries, 21 production facilities and 27 research & development centers.

The company’s first facilities in Turkey was designed to collect all its offices and production facilities at the same space. The design was very much oriented by the company’s own vision of respect to nature, use of natural materials, transparency, well being and sustainability. Our focus was aimed at creating a healthy and productive office environment combined with a well functioning production facility. Locating the management, marketing and production departments closer is an advantage for the company, however the fact that all units will be located in one building needs delicate studying since these departments have very different dynamics and functions.

The basement and the ground floors were designed with maximum pragmatism to fulfill the concrete requirements of a production facility. In these spaces the function determines its own design in a way; the first and second floor were planned to host the multitude of functions in an orderly fashion and increase productivity. The attic is divided into hierarchic divisions. The two most important spaces are the fragrance lab and the meeting room which are located in the center, it being the most appealing area in the building.


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