Selçuk Avcı Spoke at the “New Trends and Innovative Developments in Construction Sector” Seminar…

İnşaat Sektöründe Yeni Trendler

The founder of Avcı Architects, Selçuk Avcı, attended the “New Trends and Innovative Developments in Construction Sector” seminar that was organized on May 16, 2015 by the International Project Management Institute (UPYE). Board Member of Yapı Merkezi, Emre Aykar, Undersecretary of Environment and Urbanization, Önder Kıraç and academics from Boğaziçi University were among the speakers of the seminar. Presentations about recent, innovative and sustainable developments from the architecture and construction sector, and also about project management, were presented. Selçuk Avcı spoke within the scope of the session called “New Trends in Design & Green Building Design” and he was awarded with a plaque by the Chairman of the Executive Board of UPYE, Mehmet Sait Cülfik at the end of the seminar.


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