Balzac – So Contemporary

Mercadet is Honore Balzac’s surprisingly topical and visionary play about the extremes of capitalism. Although originally set in mid 19th century France, it could just as easily be set in our contemporary world.

Sanja designed Mercadet’s home office a masculine space without frills and a tiny office for Mercadet’s secretary. In contrast, behind a spaceship-like door there is Mercadet’s family salon reminiscing the Oddissey 2001 space as the ideal of elegance that the family strives to.

The entire set is framed by a set of portals with inset lights that are twisting and “falling” with into depth of the stage. These signify the twisted nature and values of Meracdet’s world.

At the end of the play a new crypto currency – Mercoin – is introduced, a huge golden new “Sun” however, at the same time, the ceiling of the salon is lowered to signify the end of an era in the family’s life.


Ljubljana City Theatre


Museums and Exhibitions


Slovenia, Ljubljana



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