After the very successful Dragons’ exhibition at the Ljubljana Castle, Slovenia, Sanja Jurca Avci has been commissioned to design the new temporary exhibition in the same space.

The topic of this year’s temporary exhibition is the castles of Slovenia. The long and very narrow exhibition space offers the visitor an interesting view from the very entry into the space: the symbols of the five chosen castles, presented in detail,  appear at the high level and are visible from any point of the exhibition space. The stories of these five castles appear in specially designed units that include, apart from the castle’s 3D symbol and information on this castle, also a portrait of a historical person as well as an exhibit that are connected to this particular castle’s history. A large internally lit panel shows the castle’s image of today, whereas from the other side, visible to the visitors on their way back through the space, a historical engraving of the same castle is shown so as to offer them something new from this perspective.

In between these five castle units the space is lined with a horizontal element on which exhibition graphics shows the wealth of over one hundred more castles in Slovenia.

At the end of the space and on both sides of the entrance staircase visitors’ interactions complete the experience.

Exhibition is on till February 2020.


The Ljubljana Castle


Museums and Exhibitions


Slovenia, Ljubljana



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