Sanja Jurca Avci designed the exhibition The Song of Metal about metallurgy that Slovene National Museum prepared in collaboration with the Faculty for Materials and Metallurgy of the Ljubljana University, Slovenia. The exhibition is taking place in the National Museum covered atrium, which is a space with a strong character of classical architecture. In order to adapt it for the metallurgy theme, Sanja Jurca Avci chose to use exhibition elements of great height that had a chance to overpower the character of the space in order to stress the importance that metallurgy had for the development of humans throughout our civilization. The space is towered by a red glowing silhouette showing the development of metallurgical ovens throughout the history. The exhibition content includes the historical overview, the main metallurgy materials and the main metallurgical methodologies. Each of these chapters is presented on respective exhibition elements in order to make the exhibition content easily legible. Some of these elements were specially designed, while others were adapted and reused. The exhibition graphics (by Dolores Gerbec) is reminiscent of constructivist easthetic and industrial signage.

A miriad of exhibits – from historical objects and art objects to the cutting edge metallurgy products using powdered metal for 3D printing and the first Slovene satellite are complemented by a 360 degrees virtual experience in which visitors get close to the melted metal and look around the ironworks production hall.


Slovene National Museum




Slovene National Museum, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Dec. 2019


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