Eurasia Tunnel Museum, exhibition design and direction of which was created by AVCI ARCHITECTS under the curation and direction of SANJA JURCA AVCI,has opened at the same time with the Eurasia Tunnel on Tuesday, December 20th, 2016.

The story of the Eurasia Tunnel is told with cutting edge digital mapping technology, engaging the visitor in the Tunnel’s head spinning process of creation, which is itself a wonder of human resource, creativity and endeavor. The museum matches this with its own creative techniques of storytelling from interactive touch tables, virtual reality glasses, interactive touch-pads to an all immersive ‘surround vision’ projection environment, which will absorb visitors like never before in Turkey. This museum is a pioneering design approach for Turkey which will put it on the map for a must see event in Istanbul. The exhibition in the museum came to life with the contributions of Şener Çardak as the technical design consultant. Construction and installation of the exhibition were realised by SERGİKUR, while all digital works and touch screens of the exhibition were prepared in collaboration with NOHLab and NERDWORKING.


Avrasya Tüneli İşletme İnşaat ve Yatırım A.Ş. (ATAŞ)


Museums & Exhibition


Turkey, İstanbul




A project like Eurasia Tunnel brakes records, comes first (or near the top) in some fields and is reflected in some surprising statistics – information of this kind is presented to the visitors in a uniquely designed and interactive way as “10 Facts about Eurasia” on the Round Touch-table in the center of the room. The table becomes active when a movement sensor activates it. In the opening sequence through animation we see the satellite image of the Bosporus as seen from outer space; we come nearer to the sea surface and dive into the sea and then the rocks and sand. Then the TBM face appears, spinning and cutting through the geological formation and finally becoming the finished tunnel with traffic flowing through it.

Then an interaction interface appears on the table surface, with ten fields around its perimeter, each representing one fact with one catchword or phrase. When a visitor touches one in front of them, it opens into an animation about that fact (ca 10 sec). Touching some facts influence the rest of the table for 5 seconds, then they reappear.



Any modern exhibition of this kind is itself an orchestration of the work and product of many professionals. In the Eurasia Tunnel Exhibition Avcı Architects lead by Sanja Jurca Avcı as the designer and curatorial planner, undertook to deliver the whole project as a one stop “turnkey” project where the client was given one point of contact. Our role encompassed the interpretation of masses of data, putting it together in to a graphically consistent visual whole, working with multimedia designers and programmers, to tell the story interactively, collaborating with restorers to select machinery remains, and working with specialist exhibition contractors to make this a high quality production which will last for many years to come.

The work was not only delivered in an extremely short time scale, (6 weeks from start of contract), it also entailed R&D time creating an unusually large interactive table using high-tech touch surfaces of the kind seen in modern telephones today, hitherto not seen in Turkey.


Architectural Team

Sanja Jurca Avcı

Exhibition Design and Direction:
Sanja Jurca Avcı

Sanja Jurca Avcı, Selçuk Avcı, Ahmet Kapıcıoğlu, Tolgahan Akbulut

Technical Design Consultant:
Şener Çardak

Project Management:
Selçuk Avcı, Koray Tokdemir, Arda Can Buze

Graphic Design:

Design Team :
Tolgahan Akbulut, Sanja Jurca Avcı

Other Consultants

Client Project Management:
Mustafa Tanrıverdi, Badel Gün

Content Research, Copywriting and Editing:
Öncü Gönenç, Dilay Letafet Ok, Ulaş Erboylu, H. Melih Mumcu,
Aşkın Kaan Kaptan, Ceren Alaca Bayındır, Dominick Donghee Kim,
Sanja Jurca Avcı, Ahmet Ergenç, Innes Welbourne

Exhibition Construction and Installation:
Şener Çardak

Multimedia Concept Development:
Candaş Şişman, Deniz Kader

Multimedia Production, Electronic Engineering:

NOHLAB, Zoetrope Studio

Creative Coding, Media Server Software Development:
Licht.Pfad Studio

Interaction Design:
Erdem Dilbaz, Licht.Pfad Studio

Technical Provider:
Cihaner Nişancı

Lightning Design Consultant:
Yıldız Ağan

Büşra Yeltekin

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