…”fantastic scenography by Sanja Jurca Avci; a metal framework, that can be interpreted as scaffolding, lunatic asylum stairway, prison, hospice, or simply, as a frightening “steely” social framework.” Anja Radaljac, DELO, 24.6.2015

Knut Hamsun’s novel Hunger, designed by Sanja Jurca Avci was adapted for stage by director Janez Pipan is on again in Miniteater in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The story of a young aspiring writer, roaming the streets of Christiania (nowadays Oslo) on the verge of self-imposed starvation, is full of witty philosophising, strange encounters and borderline insanity. It required the city as perceived by the main character to appear on an impossibly small stage (Miniteater is not called “mini” for no reason): 5×6.7m in total. This was achieved by using the height of the stage (5.4m) and building the world of the play in scaffolding. A very articulated yet simple and visually unified set offers a number of distinct spaces for respective scenes and moods of the play.

The play is on till further notice.




Theatre and Costumes


Slovenia, Ljubljana



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