Past under the Microscope

Temporary exhibition Past under the Microscope in the Slovene National Museum explains to the visitors how and which scientific methods are used when researching museum exhibits. The exhibition is organized in the Museum’s atrium, a very expressive space in itself. The exhibition, designed by Sanja Jurca Avci, opened end of October ’17 and is on till end of March ’18.

The design of the exhibition takes on board the challenge of the atrium space in that it takes it as a broader frame of the exhibition that has two distinct parts: “the Museum” on the perimeter and “the Laboratory” in the middle. Museum units that repeat and deepen the colour of the atrium are designed coherently, yet adapt for the specific exhibit presented. Also coherent and colour coded scientific method laboratory units use the sterile language of a lab environment and all consist also of an experiment lab desk on which visitors are invited to become scientists themselves. The colour of the method is also repeated on the unit of the exhibit it has been researched with for easier legibility.

Spatial interweaving of “the Museum” and “the Laboratory” tells the exhibition storyline of exhibits stories that we come to understand due to scientific methods and research.


Slovene National Museum


Temporary Exhibition


Slovenia, Ljubljana



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