Set Design: SERFS

This Slovene classic from the beginning of the 20th century that still haunts the Slovenes with its perceptive truths was a big come-back for the ex-artistic director of the theatre, J. Pipan. He invited Sanja Jurca Avci to create the “world of the play” that needs, among other, to combine the private and the public.

Sanja decided to create one space, with a private room of the main character, a progressive teacher, in the front. A negative of a Kandinsky painting was used to denote his visionary orientation. Behind it the public space is at first divided into “the pub” (signifying: the popular) and “the school” (signifying: the intellectual), with “the pub” taking over the entire space once the conservatives win the elections.

The gloomy decaying walls of this world are covered by a new, yet never finished roof structure.

Serfs opened on September 23rd 2017.


Slovene National Theatre


Set Design


Slovenia, Ljubljana



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