TRŽIČ Museum

Last day of August 2017 a new addition to Tržič Museum’s existing permanent exhibition on Tržič crafts opened, designed by Sanja Jurca Avci. The theme of this latest part is textile crafts – sock making (Tržič used to produce famous blue socks in the 18th and 19th century), production of linen and indigo print.

For each theme a different spatial atmosphere was created, from “a street in Tržič” lined with drying socks, like it used to be, through a neutral space – “production process table”, with illustrated phases and lots of interactives, to an indigo coloured space where a couple in traditional blueprint costume greets the visitor from under a canopy of original print fabric.

The entire exhibition is packed with traditional tools, garments and machines with imaginative interactives inviting the visitor to find out more or become a craftsman for a moment.


Tržič Crafts and Textile Crafts


Permanent Exhibition


Slovenia, Tržič



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