Saudi Arabia Mixed Use

Eastern cities of Saudi Arabia are fast developing but they have hardly any historic urban fabric to draw from both for inspirations and in order to understand the vernacular of their urban planning Much of their fabric is built along simplistically partitioned urban plots, with strict plot definitions and rules that most developers simply repeat in the same old patterns of maximizing FAR while ignoring any notions of urban community building. We are questioning this model of development and creating an urban model that not only responds to the regional macro and micro needs but also intentionally creates a sense of community, that these cities are desperately lacking. Saudi Arabia 1960’s style of zonal partitioning is too old fashioned to continue and we are hoping that as we conclude the development of the Master Plan in the early part of next year this will spark a new conversation.






Saudi Arabia



Architectural Team


Design Team:
Selçuk Avcı, Ece Çakır, Koray Tokdemir, Arda Can Buze, Tolgahan Akbulut, Ahmet Kapıcıoğlu, Nil Bıçak, Hazal Günal, Aybike Batuk, Ajda Mira Hubenova, İbrahim Özvarış, Efe Talay, Bengi Altunay

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