The Symbols of Slovenia

Sanja Jurca Avci was one of the five exhibition designers invited to submit their proposals for the exhibition of The Symbols of Slovenia in a historical building on the island of Bled.

The competition called for a design solution of one exemplary space: the space that would present Slovenia’s state symbols – the flag, the anthem, the linden tree, the design of Slovene money, passports, identity cards, etc.

The main issue was how to present such an important topic within the designated building. The building is from the 16th century, its proportions quite modest, its dark timber finishes and details dominant – and all protected as cultural heritage. Therefore the proposal began with the creation of a limitless white space into which stories of such important dimensions could then be placed. All historical details would be respectfully kept, however, they would be covered with white panelling and floor finishes so as to create a neutral canvas. Moreover, the ceilings (in some already low spaces they were in dark timber) would be covered with Barrosol and lit.

The proposal shows the design solution that breathes with light and comfortably places the respective themes within the space so that they relate to each other without crowding. The space is dominated by a large wall projection (the brief called for AV to play an important part throughout the exhibition), which has a default loop as well as an option to be interactive.

The white space showing Slovenia’s state symbols is gently influenced by the coloured light coming from the neighbouring spaces: Barrosol ceilings lit green, blue and red respectively denote the three storyline chapters to be placed into the rest of the exhibition spaces on this floor – Slovene natural symbols, Slovene language as a symbol and Slovene cultural heritage symbols.

This extremely clean and minimal treatment of spaces allows the exhibition content to have the presence it deserves.



Temporary Exhibition


Slovenia, Bled



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