Weapons Exhibition

The very small space at the entry point of the Ljubljana Castle is currently under refurbishment with the intention to house the new permanent exhibition of medieval weapons that were once used for its defence. Sanja Jurca Avci has been commissioned to design this small yet important latest addition to the attractions of the Ljubljana Castle.

Since the space is so small, the newly designed showcases have as little visual presence as possible. Although practically all the exhibits would be most easily presented in showcases with backgrounds as they could be fixed onto them, it was important to leave the view of the historical stonewalls unobstructed by making the showcases transparent. This meant that the support for each exhibit needed to be specially designed so as to offer the best support for it while also being as aesthetically and visually as unobtrusive as possible.

The most attractive exhibits – a full knight’s armour and his sword and an ordinary soldier’s equipment and his weapon – are positioned within a central showcase that periodically rotates so that it offers a different view from the entrance and from the castle’s courtyard.

Exhibition is due to open mid April 2019.



Permanent Exhibition


Slovenia, Ljubljana



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